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Matt Spencer

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Matt Spencer is the author of the novel The Drifting Soul, illustrated by award-winning comics and fantasy/sci-fi artist Stephen R. Bissette. His short fiction has appeared in Aphelion, Back Roads, Demon Minds, Gallery of Snuff, InfinityPlus, Lilith’s Lair, Hardluck Storis, NVF Print, the anthologies New Voices of Horror vol. 2 and Fright Flashes, and the upcoming anthology Crimson Screams.

Mr. Spencer has worked as a film critic, film script editor, adult film star, factory worker, professional cook, general restaurant handyman, and as co-lyricist/vocalist for the Charlottesville, Virginia-based punk-country band Class Substitute, led by Mike Dabney.

He presently lives in Kansas.

Copyright © 2009 by Matt Spencer

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