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I write horror shorts and novels, but I work days as an engineer so that my wife and daughter don’t starve. We currently live in south central Pennsylvania. I am the founder of the Lancaster Area Writers Group, a ragtag band of misfits writing like crazy in Amish country.

I grew up in Butcher Knife, Virginia (no, seriously), but I’ve lived all over the country including San Francisco and Las Vegas.

I started writing about thirteen years ago; however, I never tried to get anything published until... well, now, actually. About eight years ago, I finished my first book. I read it over a few times, thought “Naah, it needs a rewrite...”

I’m currently in the process of finishing a book about the end of the world and rewriting my first novel about an alien invasion. I’ve got about ten other books in some stage of construction. As I’m writing this, sixteen of my short stories are assaulting editors. In other words, my muse got tired of being neglected, and, rather than leaving my sorry butt, she decided to kick it into gear.

Another of my recent short stories, “Visiting the Morgue” can be found in Theatre of Decay volume 3. I welcome your comments (good or bad) at

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