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Erik Svehaug

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I started life as a Baby-Boomer and have since job-hopped in both the U.S. and Germany, working with people from all walks of life. Most recently, I was the Retail Manager of a picturesque lumberyard with a steam-train tunnel, set below a white cathedral on a hill. I’m married to my spiritual partner, a writer, and live in Santa Cruz, California. Huge chunks of my real education came from parenting two wonderful daughters and remodeling every house I’ve lived in.

My B.A. combined credits from the Universities of Chicago and Washington (Seattle), focused on Writing (David Wagoner and Jack Cady) and Child Language Learning. Researching pre-Gold Rush California and the treatment and response of the Miwok people, I continued my education at Marin Community College and earned their Certificate of Indian Studies. I’ve won short fiction and poetry prizes and been published online and in print.

My stories, whether historical fiction or fanciful, are inspired by people and individuals I’ve worked with, loved, or whose courage has impressed me. Compassion for myself and others is another reliable starting place.

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