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Charles David Taylor

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I spent my formative years as an Air Force brat, moving all over the map, including three years in Japan. After becoming a grownup, I continued those nomadic ways, but mainly in Texas, from Austin to Dallas to El Paso, and now Houston. Somewhere in that itinerary you’d find a decade in Blacksburg, Virginia, where my kids grew up.

I’ve worked as a documentary and educational filmmaker, photographer and scriptwriter, then did my time as a Ph.D. consultant in educational technology at different higher ed institutions.

After churning out bushels of grant proposals, scholarly articles and curricular materials, I really wanted a cooler fanbase. So I took on an MFA from the University of Houston Creative Writing Program and never looked back.

Since then, I’ve published in Across the Margin, Pure Slush, Silver Blade and now (cue the trumpets) Bewildering Stories. So happy to be here!

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