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Phil Temples

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Phil Temples grew up in Bloomington, Indiana. He’s lived in and around Boston for the past thirty years. Phil works as a computer systems administrator at a Boston area university. For over ten years, Phil has written flash and short sci-fi/fantasy primarily for his own enjoyment.

His stories have appeared (or will soon appear) in several online journals, including: The Zodiac Review, The World of Myth, InfectiveINk, Daily Frights 2013, Bleeding Ink Anthology, and Stupefying Stories. Phil recently participated in National Novel Writing Month, producing a full length murder-mystery novel, “The Winship Affair,” which will be published by Blue Mustang Press in 2013.

In addition to his writing activities, Phil is a singer in a garage band as well as an avid ham radio operator.

Copyright © 2012 by Phil Temples

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