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Bewildering Stories

Chelsea Thornton

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I play make-believe and then write about it while drinking lots of coffee. As a third-year BA student in English literature, I’m studying to make a living out of it. I am also an MS warrior and a truck driver’s wife. My second home is a Peterbilt.

My husband often whisks me away from our Texas home, and we travel around the United States with our two dogs. One of my favorite places I have been is Hawk’s Nest in New York. When I write, I like to listen to jazz and burn Egyptian musk incense.

In addition to Bewildering Stories, my short fiction has been published or is forthcoming in Maudlin House, Dream Journal, Dark Dossier Magazine, Emerge Literary Journal, and Dreaming in Fiction. I am also working with a co-author on a novella series called “Lost in the Vast.” You can find me on Twitter @chelseactually.

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