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Bewildering Stories

Graciela Inés Lorenzo Tillard

Bewildering Stories biography

Graciela Inés Lorenzo Tillard, born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1947, is architect and university teacher.

She has published on several web sites such as Pulsar, The Plague, Babar, Axxon, Qliphoth, Ma-Ycro, Erídano, and Alfa Eridiani as well as in print magazines such as La Plaga, Menhir and Revista 800.

One of her stories has also been selected for the anthology Razas Estelares, published (2004) by Editorial Libro Andrómeda, which is considered a prestigious firm in Spain.

Her favorite sci-fi writer is Isaac Asimov and she is fond of reading, translating, bonsai and 3D drawing; you can find some of that in her web page.

Copyright © 2005 by Graciela Inés Lorenzo Tillard

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