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Walt Trizna

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Walt Trizna, a scientist for thirty-four years, is now a full-time writer of horror and science fiction. He has published more than twenty stories, both online and in print. In January his first novel, New Moon Rising, was published by Mélange Books. Mélange Books also published his stories in two anthologies, Curious Hearts and Spellbound II.

Currently, he is beginning the effort to publish his second novel, “The Beast Awaits,Π a story where stem cell research goes horribly wrong and leads to a catastrophe of global proportions.

Walt lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania with his wife, Joni. They have two grown daughters, Annie working in New York City, and Lynn working on a farm outside of Pittsburgh. He encourages you to visit his blog at

Copyright © 2010 by Walt Trizna

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