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Bill Turner is a former newspaper and online news columnist. He now writes fiction exclusively, which he considers to be essentially the same as writing opinion columns, except that he gets to make up the names and places. His current writing includes flash fiction, short stories, prose poetry and stage plays. His writing reflects a sensibility toward mainstream literary fiction.

Bill makes no distinctions with regard to genre and considers a story well told to be the point of writing a story. “Statements of Fact” is his first foray into speculative fiction. He willingly confesses to being an accessory to Star Trek’s success. He denies any involvement whatsoever in helping to provide resources for Stephen King’s royalty checks, though he is a big fan of werewolves and of the variety of vampires that were fashionable before the current batch of vampires became neo-gothic fashionable.

His fiction works can be read at Storied World and Whim’s Place online. He lives in Puerto Rico. Bill can be contacted at Psychic contact is impossible, since he does not possess the gift.

Copyright © 2004 by Bill Turner

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