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Bewildering Stories

Ron Van Sweringen

Bewildering Stories biography

Ron Van Sweringen, born September 26th 1936, Hampton Virginia. Self-taught painter, well listed and exhibited in the Corcoran Musem of Art and the White House, Washington, D.C. under the Reagan and Bush administrations.

Writer and poet, short story “Time To Fly,” published in Miranda Magazine. Poem “Greyhound Memories,” published as an excellent example of haiku poetry in Wikipedia.

Currently residing in Vero Beach, Florida with his best friend, Punkin, a Carin Terrier who hunts lizards and snakes.

Copyright © 2009 by Ron Van Sweringen

[Editor’s note: Ron Van Sweringen died in Vero Beach, Florida on January 1, 2016.]

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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