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Kenneth Weene

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I have a PhD in psychology. Over the years I have published a number of professional papers.

I am also a poet and fiction writer. My poetry has appeared in numerous publications – most recently featured in Sol and publication in Spirits, and Vox Poetica. An anthology of my writings, Songs for My Father, was published by Inkwell Productions in 2002. My short stories have appeared in many places, including Legendary, Sex and Murder Magazine, The New Flesh Magazine, The Santa Fe Literary Review, Daily Flashes of Erotica Quarterly and A Word With You Press. Now my work is also in Bewildering Stories. I also contribute to Basil and Spice.

Novels published by All Things That Matter Press:

Widow’s Walk, 2009
Memoirs From the Asylum, 2010
Tales From the Dew Drop Line, 2012

To learn more about my writing visit:

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