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Bob Welbaum

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If Bob Welbaum has a talent, it has something to do with the English language. After a twenty-year career in the U.S. Air Force, Bob worked for Tomart Publications in Moraine, Ohio for fifteen years as a book and magazine editor.

His Tomart projects included Justice for Disney, the autobiography of animator/Imagineer Bill Justice, Tomart’s Price Garage Sale Gold, Tomart’s Value Guide to Disney Animation Art, and being Managing Editor of Tomart’s DISNEYANA Update magazine.

Bob’s latest major work is a children’s book: The Cactus Who Wanted to Be a Christmas Tree (Gypsy Publications, 2014). He has also self-published Some Poems About Life: (30 Actually) Gems of Wit & Wisdom and the children’s book Sunny and Victor: Best Friends Forever. His books are available on,, and at his website,, which also serves as his blog.

Bob currently works as a substitute teacher and writes whatever inspires him in his spare time. (Caricature by Greg Shelton)

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