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I have a degree in physics and live in the UK, plus as you will probably be able tell, evolution is a hobby I’m passionate about.

I’ve always been fascinated by the forces that move us. Not as individuals. I mean those forces that stir civilisations like clouds of midges on a summer’s day. Usually disguised as capricious gods or inscrutable fate, they lurk off-stage in many fictional works.

But what if they became knowable? Moved on-stage? Modern social and evolutionary theory suggests that war is but a process; that the rise and fall of cultures is powered by mathematical drives; that intelligent societies are subject to hard bounds if they would avoid catastrophe.

These bounds are at the heart of most of my stories, and dubbed ‘The Life Equations’ in some. From the ‘engines of history’ to headstrong civilisations that fly in the face of immutable rules, to individual bids for immortality, my stories all attempt to put the mathematics of life firmly centre-stage.

In some, like ‘Meme’, the opposite end of the scale is explored; tiny and evolving social parasites that slip almost unnoticed through our lives, yet may blindly change our thoughts and reactions, often not for the better.

My story ‘Impasse’ is slated to appear in the second special anthology edition from Newcon Press, due out in the spring of 2007. For the first special anthology edition, ‘Time Pieces’ (an excellent read!), go to , or find the book on Amazon.

I am currently working with Ian Watson (screen-writer for the film AI, and many other credits) on a collaborative novel. I also have a completed SF work of 370,000 words. Its calamitous plot features fiery racial pride pitted against the implacable Life Equations, and I’m looking for a publishing home for it! (I’ll probably split it to three novels. Any agent / publisher interest for Synopsis and Samples welcome, via Bewildering Stories contact).

Andy West,
December 2006

Copyright © 2007 by Andrew West

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