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Ann K. Williams

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Ann K. Williams

Ann K. Williams lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband Eugene, a local boy. Ann is anything but, having moved from state to state and country to country with dizzying frequency until she was eighteen. She spent the longest time — five years in the late '50's, early '60's — in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the setting for a novel she's writing about children, magic and atomic energy.

Ann and Eugene have two children, a daughter Etha who's getting her Master's Degree in musicology and a son Clifford who works as a chef in the Pacific Northwest.

Ann has always had her nose in a book and loves to write about pretty much anything. Recently, she worked as a reporter and managing editor for The LookOut News, one of the nation's first online newspapers. Last year, she wrote a story about the Shuttle Endeavor for the paper. You can read it here.

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