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Paul Williams has had over forty short stories published in addition to poetry and non-fiction. He has just finished a Ph.D. about the wolf in folklore and expects to get that published in the near future.

Paul is a manager in the British civil service. He began writing for small press U.K. magazines in 1996 and since then have contributed short stories, poetry and non-fiction to several magazines. Extracts from some of his work are contained on his website: wehrwulf.fcpages.com.

He writes mostly science fiction but has had some success with horror and mainstream short stories. He especially prefers character portrayal and dialogue. He has written and attempted to market radio plays, television scripts and stage plays as well as novels.

Paul encourages writers and tells them not to be discouraged by rejection: “Writing is like any other career. You have to work hard if you want to achieve anything.” He chairs a small writers group in Brighton. Any locals who want to join are welcome to email him at canislupuspalipes@yahoo.co.uk.

His book on wolves in folklore was released in May 2007, available from http://www.hoap.co.uk/general.htm#HOI. He writes 360,000 words each year and hopes that this will continue when his first child is born in August 2007. Aside from writing his chief ambition is to visit every country in the world. His website is at http://www.freewebs.com/wehrwulf/index.htm.

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