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John Wright

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I am a retired 64-year old. I left the work force early due to a variety of injuries that finally caught up with me, and, having a lot of free time, decided to start writing a few of the stories that have been drifting around in my brain.

“Things Could Be Worse” is the first that has been printed. I am trying to polish a few others and have written the rough drafts of several novellas. Hopefullly soon, I will have them completed to my satisfaction, although, it seems there is always some little thing that is not quite right, but that is what keeps writing interesting.

I love music, especially traditional folk, blues and jazz. I believe I will be happy with my writing when my prose flows with the rhythms of fine music. As for writers, I read and enjoy everything from Donald Duck to James Joyce. In fact, I recently have been wondering what Joyce, a talented caricaturist, could do with a graphic novel. I hope you enjoy my little tale, and I hope to have more to offer soon.

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