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Bewildering Stories

Abigail Wyatt

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Once a teacher of English at Redruth Comprehensive, I am now a full-time writer. I live and write in the shadow of Carn Brea, a beautiful and most ancient hill. I am inspired by the richness and absurdity of life and also by the Cornish landscape.

The recurring themes of my work, I would say, are madness, loss and the sea. I am grateful to the editors of all those outlets in which my work has appeared.

For poetry, these include Words with JAM, A Long Story Short, Poetry Cornwall, Word Salad, Poetic Diversity and Symmetry Pebbles.

For prose, I must single out Word Gumbo, Gold Dust and One Million Stories. My poetry collection, Moths in a Jar (Palores) appeared in November, 2010.

Copyright © 2012 by Abigail Wyatt

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