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Born in Lima, Perú, I have written since I learned to hold a pencil: poetry at first. When my three girls were born I wrote stories and plays for children. Between 1980 and 1992, I won 12 theatre contests in Perú and one in Spain. In the meantime, I also studied and wrote about the natural resources in Perú: medicinal plants; fauna in land, sky and water; minerals and their popular use, as well as a complete traveler's guide to Perú, which can be downloaded from my web page in English and in Spanish. It was my first book published in Lima, in 1978.

As children grow up they fly away from home. I miss my girls, recently gone, and submerge myself in science fiction worlds, writing all kinds of stories. The links to stories, poetry and plays can be found in my web page as well as the list of books published in Perú, Italy, Ecuador and my collaboration on other books.

Alfa Eridani has published a couple of my stories, as have other magazines, such as Nitecuento, and webzines, such as Qliphoth, also in Spain. Other places of publication: Ochocientos (Mexico), Velero 25 and Ciencia Ficción Perú (both in Peru). Some stories have been translated in Xicóatl (Austria), Sagarana (Italy). In the U.S.A, “Acto Final” and the play Aventuras en la Antártida appear in the Spanish Reading Program Theatre Anthology (Harcourt Brace School Publishers, Florida, 1997).

I am sometimes employed as a translator from Italian and English. My voluntary work covers translations about new medical discoveries to fight pandemic diseases, as AIDS.

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