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by Thomas R.

I reach out to to touch her
Walls of glass impede my way
She may not even be there at all
Maybe all I see is a trick of quantum computing
A simulation and nothing more
Yet in it she lives the lives she could have led
With me, without me, all possible worlds
Nor is she alone
What is this place she has found herself?
A phantom?
Samsara made into rays of light?
A cruel joke of science?
The fantasies of bored technocrats?
I do not know
Nor do I care
All I know is I dream of being in that world
Of togetherness as we reach the calculations of perfections
Even if there is in truth no world there at all
Anything better than this loneliness
Goodbye my lovely
I whisper as the security guards escort me out

Copyright © 2002 by Thomas R.

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