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The Bemusing Season

This is end of the second-year home stretch! Issue 104 is our much-heralded Second Year Anniversary issue. We’ve entered the relay racers’ exchange box. We’re getting ready to hand off the baton to ourselves and to you, our contributors and readers, as we cross the line and set out on our third-year leg. Jerry and I hope you’ve been having as much fun as we.

This issue comes just in time for some Canadian events: June 28th is election day, and July 1st is the national holiday. Does that mean “Canada Day” is preceded by the “End of Canada” Day? How Bewildering can one get? Well, call it a “Bemusing Story”; after all, it’s not hockey. The end of civilisation as we know it will just have to wait while everybody makes the annual treks to forests and lakes, namely “cottage country.” Just remember to take your laptops with you for your weekly Bewilderment, eh?

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