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Letters, We Get Letters...

Well, the well-springs of the publishing houses are starting to open. I remember reading Spider Robinson's book reviews in the late lamented Galaxy: Spider Vs. The Hax of Sol III. Lotsa fun, but I remember also that he used some of the lesser publications to start his wood-burning fireplace. Shades of "The Day After Tomorrow"! Anyway, Tor seems willing to send me books for review, and we have some coming up, but in the meantime, there is a bit of blurbiness that seems appropriate for these pages...

To quote a letter I just received:
Would you or one of your reviewers also be interested in receiving copies of both BEYOND THE DEEPWOODS and STORMCHASER by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell to review/feature on your website? I am writing on behalf of Random House Children's Books for these books. Having made their U.S. debut this month, the titles comprise the first two volumes of "The Edge Chronicles" --- a fantasy series sure to entertain readers age 10 and up.

To celebrate the books' publication, the publisher is hosting a special contest open through October where one Grand-Prize Winner will win a trip to the Grand Canyon. For complete rules and regulations to be live June 22, 2004, visit I have included more details about the books below.

BEYOND THE DEEPWOODS by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell /Hardcover / 0-385-75068-4 / 280 pages / $12.95 / NCR / Ages 10-12
Twig knows that he is different than everyone else in the Woodtroll community in which he has been raised. When he discovers that his family found him abandoned in the Deepwoods, Twig embarks upon a journey of self-discovery and realizes what the world beyond the Deepwoods is like. But along the way to finding out where his roots lie, Twig will meet a motley crew of creatures who help him get to where he needs to be.

Meet the Caterbird, the Slaughterers, Rotsucker, the Banderbear, goblins, the evil Gloamglozer, and more as Twig goes beyond the Deepwoods.

STORMCHASER / Hardcover / 0-385-75070-6/ 400 pages / $12.95 / NCR / Ages 10-12
Twig and his fellow sky pirates are on the adventure of a lifetime. They must save the floating city of Sanctaphrax from breaking its chains and floating away forever. The only way to keep the city grounded is through stormphrax, a substance created at the heart of the most brutal storms. And, a substance which has almost been depleted. Now it is up to the Stormchaser to live up to its name and save the city from total destruction.

Once again, Twig meets a new cast of characters including Mother Horsefeather, the Professor of Light and Darkness, the Sepia Knight, and the evil Screed Toe-Taker.

The third volume in the series, MIDNIGHT OVER SANCTAPHRAX, is scheduled to hit U.S. bookstores this fall.

* * *

I hope you will consider reviewing/featuring the titles on your site and/or posting about the special Edge Chronicles sweepstakes. More information about the books --- including games, a "creature guide" and maps --- can be found online at

Back to me now...

This is gonna be fun. We are now Amazon Associates, and as soon as I have the time to figure out what I'm supposed to do, we'll have links to reviewed books, and maybe even make a dime. Whonose? knotme.

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