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Challenge 108

Please read “City Life” and “The Engines of Manta-Geth” first.

Endings, Beginnings and Kinds

  1. Repeating “In Times to Come,” here’s a Challenge ahead of its time. Please start thinking about a suitable ending for “The Bridge.” You can tell us about it in any number of ways: as a scene or set of scenes, as an outline, or as a general discussion of the topic. Or just a message with some ideas. We’ve been talking about this with author euhal allen, and it seems like a good idea to get everybody involved.

  2. In Gaia, Dar, Nim and Nunez have all lost people close to them. Who or what do you think Zik may have lost?

  3. “The Engines of Manta-Geth” is practically a model of the “frame story.” Murt concludes it with a moral of his own. What, if anything, do you think he has learned from Gunter’s story?

  4. Gunter Shatterbone is hardly anyone’s idea of a recruiting officer, and yet Murt is determined to go with him to Manta-Geth. Was Gunter ever like Murt as Murt is now?

  5. At what point in “City Life” might one realize that Vincent is insane? Or, if that isn’t the right word, how would you describe his condition?

  6. In light of Eric S. Brown’s “Horror of the Supernatural,” would you say that “The Engines of Manta-Geth” or “City Life” fits Eric’s definition of a horror story?

  7. Would you add or change anything in Eric S. Brown’s definition of the horror story?

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