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Bewildering Stories welcomes back an old friend. Deep outlines the elements of a story about the lost city of Atlantis. And he comes up with an angle that Indiana Jones didn’t take into account: a latter-day explorer may need special vaccines or even a hazmat suit when opening Ancient Vaults...

Hello, Bewildering Stories...

I think before I commence writing about “Atlantis, the lost Civilisation” I might have to put in a visit to Egypt and the surrounding places first!

You might ask me why so.

Well, the answer is very simple really.

Atlantis city was in fact a great country at a time when mankind — settled in other parts of the world — was struggling to make civilisation work effectively.

It is rumoured that the scientific and other allied progress in Atlantis was far greater as compared to our present-day progress in 2004 C.E. Some schools of thought also confirm that extraterrestrials inhabited Atlantis city then.

* * *

One of the major global earthquakes — which occurs at every unknown intervals in geographical terms — brought about unforeseen calamities and since then, in unrecorded history, Atlantis was supposedly lost.

You will understand me more appropriately and clearly if I bring in a parallel example from the Holy Bible and refer to Noah’s lost ark! Any person with any religious background can easily comprehend and identify Noah’s Ark.

Now, about Egypt:

A very long time ago in unrecorded historical time, the entire country of Egypt was located at the bottom of seas and oceans. Humans were not settled then in those coordinates under oceans. This is particularly true for 99.99% of deserts upon our earth. Ask any serious student of geography and the answer will be the same.

Now, one school of thought presumes that the ‘lost city of Atlantis’ was perhaps originally located upon those sands — under the seas! It was perhaps an underwater city... Well that is not an unusual conclusion for any one to figure out because wherever extraterrestrials are involved, almost anything is possible. An advanced city established by extraterrestrials miles under the savage oceans? This city also included humans in greater population. Ten, maybe twenty thousand years ago? Highly possible.

Extraterrestrials belong to a greater and more intelligent race, anyway.

There is another school of thought which presupposes the fact that the country or city of Atlantis is now located deep under the oceans and seas of our present-day times. It was however originally constructed at sea level and on dry ground! Naturally, in any major periodical and global upheaval the following happens:-

Mountains and hills break up and are disintegrated and shattered. These therefore become the beds of oceans and seas and even the water mass and shape of the earth changes. Conversely, the numerous sea beds which are sandy in nature, rise up to form dry lands and plains! Geographically speaking, other land upheavals push land masses to form new hills and mountains.

It is a geographically and scientifically accepted phenomena that the Deccan Plateau is pushing the northern plains of India and this in turn, is pushing the Himalayan mountain ranges upwards. Perhaps an inch or two every year. This is fact, not fiction!

Therefore it is plausible and an accepted factor that “The lost city of Atlantis” may presently be located deep under uncharted seas and oceans. It may have been relocated there, in its present location, during the last major global upheaval. That is, if the city was not originally constructed deeper under the oceans... Perhaps even sonar readings cannot decipher those dormant city shapes. Even space satellites cannot discover such a lost yet scientifically advanced city.

You can easily understand that if the extraterrestrials made that city their landing base and a ‘takeoff’ zone for their highly advanced inter-solar-system space ships — well, they would need ‘beacons’. In deep space language an interstellar ‘beacon’ is a device millions of times more powerful than conventional radar. Perhaps from the second or third solar system after ours, the extraterrestrials needed to lock in to such ‘beacons’ and reach our world pretty soon after flight takeoff. Therefore their beacons were placed and located in Atlantis; concealed from every prying instrument invented till date and known to mankind!

Let me explain further. You have a pilot on the controls of an advanced prototype of a passenger airliner at say... Heathrow airport. He or she requires to take off manually and during normal flight above ten to twelve thousand feet, allows the autopilot to take over while the pilot relaxes. You see, nowadays the pilots need not fly the airplane manually all the time. The autopilot is basically a computer which has ‘flight data‘ fed into its electronic functions. Since the plane is supposed to land in Los Angeles or, say, Sweden, well, the autopilot computer controls shall direct the plane’s flight path to exactly that city. In certain cases the autopilot can even assist the pilot to land without manual assistance on airports!

So that is how far advanced a ‘beacon’ is. You start your journey at one point in the universe and the ‘autopilot’ guides the interstellar craft all the way to earth! Landing coordinates — here coordinates signifies the latitude by longitude degrees of the earth — were fixed upon Atlantis.

Now Egypt is located upon desert land — formerly this land of deserts was the bottom of the oceans! Some say that the writings or hieroglyphics on the walls and stone tablets inside the Pyramids in Egypt may offer clues to rediscovery of this lost city!

However, before I start writing this book under proposal I would like to visit Egypt — its famed pyramids and the lesser famous ones too — and read those hieroglyphics besides other important data. Personally, I believe that Atlantis does really exist and is located very deep under the silent yet powerful oceans. The lost coordinates are not known to me. I hope to determine those coordinates from Egypt. If not — here I mean that if those Egyptian writings and scripts offer no solution — then there are other ways and means to determine those lost coordinates, no matter how difficult these may be!

Oh, and another factor. There are several unknown bacilli and virus existing in minute form which are more active than the most powerful, dangerous and known viruses at present.

In Egypt: Almost all the pyramids are now opened from a dormant and centuries-old ‘locked’ status. There are reports of archeologists, expeditioners and others involved dying suddenly without apparent reason, without known causes, and these people were known to possess good medical histories. Well, pyramids contain vaults, rooms, chambers and so on and so forth. During recorded history — during the Egyptian Pharaohs time — say approximately five thousand years ago, perhaps during 3500 B.C., the viral infection scene was surely different, don’t you agree? I mean they closed a vault with a departed Pharaoh or queen along with hundreds of slaves and sealed it in the pyramid. They closed the vaults in 3500 B.C. along with bacteria and viruses supposedly harmless and existing then.

Five thousand years later, one opens the same vaults and the people visiting those chambers are immediately exposed to those — by now highly infectious and dangerous — bacteria and virus. In natural process, death occurs almost instantaneously or latest within few hours at the most. The causes are unknown to modern-day medical science. Stroke perhaps, or heart attacks, incurable influenza, life-taking flu, it could be anything.

However, one such bacterium was indeed discovered by scientists in the last century, though not taken care of because that particular bacterial strain gradually dissipated and wore off. However, not before causing more than a few unnatural deaths. One wonders whether the bacteria did actually dissipate when exposed to 1970’s sunlight and atmosphere. So we are very sure now! All this is not a hypothesis or theory.

* * *

Can you believe it? I bet not. If my story on “The Fourth Dimension’ and its practical reality seemed more fact than fiction although I wrote under the heading of ‘science fiction’ — these factors are more bewildering!

In Atlantean civilisational and scientific procedures, zero-gravity special effects render our ‘earth 2004’ C.E. guns, revolvers, machine guns, etc. un-operable and instead you have laser guns which are activated the same way and at the same distance the ordinary lead slug would cover. Instead of the conventional grisly bullet wounds, one would have laser beams cutting a neat hole in an opponents’ clothes.

Fully operable holographic 3D (or 4D) images. Here holographic image means that by assistance of special machines one’s image can easily be transmitted across the atmosphere to the place of requirement. This happens while the person — whose holographic image is being transmitted — remains safely someplace else. Like we have Net meetings with webcams nowadays, and security cameras (closed circuit tv) covering all airports and public places to identify criminals... Well, the Atlanteans had holographic conferences! The spoken voice was transmitted and it seemed as if the image was speaking in real life. However, such holographic images are more or less transparent, harmless and dissipate very fast.

Then you have Atlantean protonic power which makes our present nuclear power a puny fire cracker in comparison. Perhaps one or two ‘reactor stations’ are needed to power one large sized country with unending electricity.

Then there are unnamed modes of travel which make our conventional buses, trains, airplanes, etc. kids’ toys in comparison. The list could go on and on...

* * *

I also wanted to tell you I’ve finished writing “Venus Interaction,” a short story/novelette containing about 20 pages, and another finished novella is named “Timeless End.” With about 30 pages of fast-paced action. Both are science fiction stories.

Secondly, in the near future, I shall send to you my latest (science fiction) short story titled “Once upon a time there was Korea.” Please publish it accordingly.

Kind regards,


We are looking forward to your stories, Deep! And I imagine that we all — especially our Korean readers — are looking at the title of your latest with a certain amount of... consternation!

Copyright © 2004 by Deep Bora and Bewildering Stories

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