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Jerry and I think that the following exchange would be of interest to our contributors. Omar has agreed to it, as well.

Hello, Omar...

How it's going. I am sending this mail just to say hello. And, of course, to know about what has happened with my other stories. Are they good enough, Don?

I'm sure your stories are "good enough," Omar! I thoroughly enjoyed "The Coke Maker," and I expect the others will be equally interesting. My plan is to prepare one of your other stories for a forthcoming issue.

The thing is, you see, "Bewildering Stories" has been growing apace. Up till now we've been operating more or less informally. But Jerry and I think it's important to give contributors an idea of what goes on behind the scenes and where they stand.

Accordingly, I've added a paragraph to our Submissions page; it's titled "Waiting time." The link to "Information," in that paragraph, is also important:

I don't want to discourage anyone: I expect your other two stories will appear in September.

From: omar vega
Date: August 31, 2004
To: Don Webb
Subject: Re: forthcoming stories

Thank you very much Don,

By the way, I tell you that people in the international Spanish SF community is commenting about your site: they love it. You people are tending bridges between cultures. After all, I think, the important things are ideas: particular languages just carry them. Do you agree?

Keep in touch,
Omar Vega

For sure, we agree, Omar! Speaking as a language teacher, I have to say that other languages give us new and different ways of looking at things. I’ve always considered them opportunities, not obstacles. And thank you very much for the encouraging words!

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