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A. R. Yngve

A. R.’s biographical sketch came to us titled “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About A. R. Yngve, But Were Afraid To Ask.” Well, okay... I’ll get up the courage to ask then: What does “A. R.” stand for? And that makes our welcome messages three for three in the names department!

A. R. sounds like a good person to ask for illustrations. His first love was comic books, but he’s since turned to writing and has published short fiction in the States. His first novel was scheduled to appear in August. He’s written novels in English as well as Swedish, and they’re available on line. With Cecilia Wennerström and now A. R. Yngve, Sweden has a small but powerful contingent in our Biographies.

A. R.’s “Sins of Our Fathers” is his first story for us, but he has appeared before, with a letter: “On the Tolkien Bubble.” Please see A. R.’s biographical sketch for the link to it as well as to his website and other important references.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, A. R. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

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