Bewildering Stories


Issue 118

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 118

Novels Tala Bar, Gaia, conclusion:
  chapter 8: The Island, part III
Julian Lawler, Battle Seer
  Prologue: The Anchoress of Corinn Ada
Serials Kris Barton, Agent of Chaos, conclusion
Omar E. Vega, A Distant Island, conclusion
Thomas R. Judy in Skye part 1
A. D. Smith, The IOD’s, part 1
euhal allen, George the Jar
Rick Badman, Ratburgers
Poetry Aryan Kaganof, Vita, Vanitas
Articles Byron Bailey, Everymutt versus Bilbo
Rick Combs, The Darker Side of Writing


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes...
  Aryan Kaganof and A. D. Smith
Challenge Challenge 118: Weading, Witing and Withmetic
The Reading
Don Webb reviews Tala Bar’s Gaia
Jerry Wright reviews S. E. Hinton’s Hawkes Harbor ;
  selected short reviews
Editorial Adult

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