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Bewildering Stories Editorial

by Jerry Wright

Well, okay, after last week's long windedness, I'll just say that Farscape outdid itself, and got major ratings. According to "SciFi": Peacekeeper Wars delivered an aggregate audience of 6,883,000 viewers over the two nights (4 telecasts of Night One, 3 telecasts of Night Two) solidly whapping the butts of its non-sports competitors (Spike, TBS, and TNT). So what does this mean? Haven't a klew.

I'm putting together our "scary story issue" which will be, oh, maybe Issue 120.5 or 120a, something like that. They are stories that for one reason or another just fit here in the scary side of life. Are they horror stories? Well, perhaps. Read Steve Utley's "Huggiebunnies" and prepare to be scared. But not by the story. By the mind that could perpetrate such a thing on an unwitting humanity.

As they said the other day, "Oh, and yes, there'll be a little something extra in your pay envelope. A pink slip."


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