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“The Pendant Strikes!”

Dear Sir(s), Madam(s), Being(s), or Otherness(es):

Below, you will find my submission to your magazine. At least, I hope you will find it. I haven’t hidden it particularly well or cleverly, but one never knows with such things.

Alas, you will find it is not terribly bewildering, but it is meant to serve as an introduction to a serial and if you see fit to publish this I would see fit to continue writing it, and the subsequent installments definitely take a few detours from the beaten path.

Well, I intend to continue whether I find any takers or not as I’m not above serializing myself.

If you find my offering fit to print, I would greatly appreciate a link to my website... the sprawling three hundred page and counting serial anthology it houses is something of a sequel to this one, separated by a gulf of eight decades. It’s worth knowing that knowledge of the one is not required for the enjoyment of the other, any more than living in the 1920s required knowledge of life in the 21st century.

I found the terms for monetary compensation listed on your site extremely reasonable. You may donate one third of the payment to the non-profit group ATEP (Animals for the Exploitation of Plants), place another third in a Swiss bank account which I expect you to open for this purpose, and bury the remaining third behind the oak tree that’s grown in the shape of the Greek letter sigma.

You know the one.

Thank you,
Alexandra Erin.

-*-*-*-Alexandra Erin-*-*-*-
Original Superhero Fiction
Updated Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Copyright © 2004 by Alexandra Erin

Well tangle my tentacles, we’ve never been addressed as “Your Othernesses” before. That is truly Bewildering in the grand style. Not to worry for a moment about printing serials that aren’t yet complete. Grizzled veterans of the Bewildering brigade know about installments: we print ’em when we get ’em. Roberto’s Katts and Dawgs has been going strong intermittently since issue 53. And we’ve just received Mike Tyzuk’s conclusion to “Through a Glass, Darkly.” Heck, we’ve even printed stories in search of an ending. They make great Challenges.

Your payment has been deposited to your numbered Swiss bank account under the olde oake tree. Its secret number is 001.

High fives, sixes and sevens from the other beings at Bewildering Stories !

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