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Battle Seer

I just noticed that you have started posting chapters from Nightland: Battle Seer. Thanks a bunch. Your site has really helped me out. I was just signed by Andrew Whelchel of National Writer’s Literary Agency. I appreciate the chance to display some of my work on your site, and thank you especially for some of the criticism you and Jerry gave me.

I’ll try to start a link sometime this weekend on BW Stories to get some feedback on Battle Seer. Any little helps.



Copyright © 2004 by Julian Lawler

Thanks for the good words, Julian. We’re very happy to have Battle Seer up and running. We, too, hope readers will send us feedback. Maybe I can work it into some of the Challenges. We’re always glad to get news from our contributors. Does being signed by the National Writer’s Literary Agency mean you’re now an agent?

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