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An allusion made at the end of the News bulletin in issue 96 is at last upon us, months later than expected. I’ll be out of town but still on line after Monday, October 25th, hopefully for about a week. As far as this column is concerned, no news is good news.

Alexandra Erin proposed using “#1” rather than “part 1” for her story. I didn’t like the idea, since we never use the crosshatch unless we have to. But after tinkering with several combinations, I see her point; it is best. We’ll make an exception in this case.

Some stories are made for serialization; others, less so. I would have preferred to double or even triple installments in a single issue of Steven Francis Murphy’s “Tranquility Lost,” but the rest of the issue index simply doesn’t permit it. Installments 2 and 3 will be linked to the first, so you can print out the whole story at once when it concludes.

Please don’t be alarmed if your name doesn’t appear in “In Times to Come” when you might have expected it to. We’re bound to overlook someone in the dugout, but you’re still there. Past the “lead-off” contingent, the batting order is subject to change.

Meanwhile, our Links page has been updated. And if your bibliography isn’t up to date, please let me know.

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