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Alexandra Erin

Our newest contributor is a young Nebraskan at home on the windwept plains where corn and ’taters grow... (Sorry ’bout that, Virginia, but what do I know?) You’d never guess a “bucolic” background by reading “The Pendant Strikes!” which starts in this issue: it’s a model of fast-action “pulp fiction” — as Alexandra describes it — and the setting and dialogue definitely have a big-city air.

I mentioned to Alexandra that “The Pendant” made me think of Batman packing heat. She replied yes, and why would he do that? And what would the implications be? The story is a page-scroller to start with, and we’re sure our readers are going to be clamoring to find out what happens next.

Alexandra obviously has a natural talent, and at the rate she writes, she’s making very good use of it. More details in Alexandra’s engaging biographical sketch.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Alexandra. We look forward to more “Pendant,” and we hope to be reading you frequently here!

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