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  1. Deep Bora’s “Force Fields Activated” in this issue is something of an advertisement for his e-book, which can be accessed through the link at the bottom of the chapter. We don’t really have any problems with the “excerpt” format: we’ve published several stories and flash-fiction episodes of Eric S. Brown’s that served a similar purpose although perhaps not quite so explicitly.

  2. In the Readers’ Guide, the introductory lines to Observation One may be enclosed in single quotes. There’s a story behind that.

    • Michael E. Lloyd has kindly sent one-sentence summaries for the first three chapters. They’re intended as “description” meta-tags, which come in handy for Archive searches. Normally I write them myself.
    • But they can also be useful for the Readers’ Guide. I’ve written every Readers’ Guide since last Christmas, when I was out of town and Jerry filled in for an issue when I had connection problems. We don’t have generic authors or editors here, and I figure there’s no harm in indicating who’s writing what.

    If contributors want to include a one-sentence meta-tag description with their stories, we’ll be glad to use it; that saves work. And we may use it in the Readers’ Guide, too, but we can’t promise to do so.

  3. Reminder to our contributors: please let us know if your bibliography needs updating. Titles and issue numbers would be a big help.

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