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Novels Tomm and Phydo catch a spy. Meanwhile, Adam is captured by Lucius. A debate ensues: who or what is the worthy successor to Man? Roberto Sanhueza, Katts and Dawgs, book II, chapter 3: The True Heir.

Palance Demondread and his men must burn the dremion-ravaged house and with it, Davina. Now they must henceforth either dread demons or take new resolve: Julian Lawler, Battle Seer, chapter 8: A Matter of Duty, part 1.

‘Toni meets up with Carla again, then trips over his own shoelaces but almost succeeds in setting up Quo's next engagement’: Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One: Singing of promises, chapter 9: Rome, Italy, part 1.
Serial Bob Sorensen gives a Biblical sentence an entirely modern twist and thereby raises a question: what truth will set us free from what? Aha, our computers know! But do we really want to? And the Truth Shall Set You Free, part 1.
Been having stomach troubles lately? Jörn Grote has just the remedy for you! Eating Everything.

Never mind Hell; the sea hath no fury like... Sometimes justice comes in the form of a very hard bargain: R D Larson, Phantom of the Sea.
You know how time flies when you’re really concentrating? Stephen Heister takes the experience to its ultimate conclusion: Mean Time is the End of Us All.
Art Claudio Parentela concludes his current series of portraits with Art 905. Thank you, Claudio; we’d love to see more!


Challenge Challenge 127 has some questions about four stories in this issue: On the Cutting Edge.
Letters Bob Sorensen gets Ye Copy Editor started on the subject of Translations.
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Meredith Ann Pierce’s The Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood
Editorials Don Webb supplements Jerry Wright’s editorial in issue 126: “Unwinding the Vicious Spiral
Jerry Wright, The Journey

In Times to Come

Issue 128, due on line December 20th, will be our Holidays issue, with the theme of the season being celebrated by a story from a new contributor. We’ll also be hearing from some returning veterans who go back a ways. In the novels, Michael E. Lloyd has Carla ratchet up the skullduggery, and Julian Lawler’s Palance Demondread finds that his quest to rescue his lady Andina is turning into one Damned Thing after another.

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