Bewildering Stories

Challenge 134

Chair Tears Box and Door

Change the pronunciation of the title by punctuating it.

  1. In the current issue:

    1. Judging by the first installment alone, what is the irony in the title of Daniel Green’s “The Parasite Text”?

    2. Does Michael Lohr’s “Disposable Culture” have anything in common with Michael Murry’s war poems? (They’re listed in the year end retrospective.)

    3. Is Kenneth Nichol’s “No Tears for Death” dark comedy or tragedy? How might it be both at once?

    4. How do you think R D Larson’s “Slam the Door Softly” might end? Does the opening imply an ending?

    5. What is the dramatic function of the chair in Julian Lawler’s “Hunter of Wolves”?
  2. Retrospectives:

    1. Leading question: Does Laurie Seidler’s “In the Box,” in issue 133, transgress the submissions guidelines on naughty words and scenes? Why might the editors not have thought so?

    2. Mark Ellestad’s “The Killer,” in issue 133, ends on the note that the show is a bad gig. Why is it?

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