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Kenneth Nichols

Kenneth adds to our short list of current and former New Yorkers, including those from upstate: Dustin LaValley, Laurie Seidler, and Kristen Tracey. Surely there are more, such as Ye Copy Editor, but they just haven’t mentioned the place.

With a brand-new B.A. in English and Writing, Kenneth has a respectable list of fiction publications to his credit. If “No Tears for Death,” in this issue, is any indication, he’ll have a lot more before long.

“No Tears” seems like a poignant but relatively simple take on the science-fiction premise of personality transfer and gives entirely new urgency to the the computer users’ bywords “save” and “backup.” Upon reflection, though, the story grows on the reader: it morphs from science fiction to horror... and then to tragedy.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Kenneth. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

Kenneth’s biography and bibliography can be accessed here.

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