Bewildering Stories

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Bewildering Stories Editorial

by Jerry Wright
The Timesink

As I sit, contemplating my life, my time, and my energy, I see that much of my "vital force" is spent in that well of darkness called the Internet. Of course, when I look at my wife, I realize, that thanks to eBay, she is as much of an Internet Junky as I am.

Actually, come to think of it, it isn't just eBay. She has now discovered "foal cams" where she can watch baby horses being born, and the owners of said mares can go to sleep knowing that when the horse starts foaling, that perhaps hundreds of people are watching by highspeed internet and will give them a call on their posted phone number when the blessed event starts.

Who woulda thunk it?

In the meantime, while y'all are surfing the net, reading BWS, messaging on Asimov's and Analog, checking the various blogs, and doing all of the other things that are available on "the net", the real world goes by. And perhaps that's a good thing, and perhaps not. If you spend your time surfing and not interacting with the "real world" it can certainly bite you. Howsomever if what you read motivates you to get off your duff, and get out there and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, then perhaps it moves from the realm of "timesink" into the realm of "the power of positive bitching".

I guess it just depends on the person, as usual. Some are timewasters, some are timehoarders, and some are timespenders. So... What do YOU spend YOUR time on, eh?

Copyright © 2004 by Jerry Wright for Bewildering Stories

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