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Greetings, oh Editor and Knower-of-Many-Things,

The poetry reads well the way you have formatted it. You are so good! I like it better now that I’ve seen it in your web magazine than I did when I first wrote it.

I’m looking for photos that I can combine to make a picture of the Orkeldor. In my mind, it has the body and size of an American Bison, the head and agility of the werewolf from American Werewolf in London, and the claws of a grizzly bear, only sharper.

If I can find the appropriate photos, I’ll see if I can stitch it together with Corel Photopaint and send it to you. Don’t hold your breath, though, as I’ve been looking for such photos for over a month and haven’t found any yet. I also thought of commissioning it by a science fiction artist, but I’ve heard that that doesn’t usually work out the way one hopes.

[C. Meton]

P.S. I enjoyed Gareth Jones’ Reality story. I could just imagine that as a Twilight Zone short. The producer would have a heyday with it.

Copyright © 2005 by C. Meton

And greetings to you, o mighty poet! Glad you like the appearance of “The Orkeldor.” We pride ourselves on good-looking texts here at Bewildering Stories, and we’re especially happy when our authors like the way they appear.

Which reminds me: the traditional color-change buttons do have a use, after all. Anyone who wants to print out a page should change the text color to black. Our pages are off-black on off-white on screen, but on paper they come out more bluish on yellow. Of course everyone will want to print out the Style Manual; I should make sure it’s black on white.

Good luck finding or making illustrations for “The Orkeldor.” We’d love to include them!

You’re right about Gareth Jones’ “Fluctuations.” It would be a film editor’s fun day at the job. Rummage around in stock footage for villages, backpacks, wells... Just take anything and splice it together.

Whole new television concepts could arise from it. Instead of This is Your Life, we could have This Might Have Been Your Life, or These Will Have Been Your Lives in a Number of Parallel Universes. Sponsor: Excedrin, for headache number pi - i - cubed.


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