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Doug Hiser

Some 15 years ago or so, a classic spoof made the rounds of the Net, where it can still be found: the college application essay to end all such essays, one that might have been written by an urban Paul Bunyan. Now life has lived up to art: Doug Hiser might have written it, and it would have been no joke. Anyone reading Doug’s bio sketch will probably think, “This is truly a Bewildering Story all in itself. Can I believe any of it without being completely blown away?”

And yet believe it we must: the titles and links are there for us to check out. And Doug has provided — on request and practically overnight— an illustration for his “Shark in My Backyard.” The story itself is the opposite of Doug’s bio: any toothy, bitey beast in his back yard is the one that’s going to be afraid. Very afraid.

I’m not going to summarize Doug’s bio. You wouldn’t believe me anyway. Believe Doug.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Doug! We hope to hear from you again soon and often.

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