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Mars Connection

part 1

by Deep Bora


The bespectacled gentleman cleaned his dark goggles for an umpteenth time as gentle winds lifted minuscule sand particles all around them.

2006 C.E.

The deserts of Earth seemed barren and calm at present.

“We have successfully tidied up the scheduled 2005 C.E. great wars! We humans are now on the right track,” he stated in matter-of-fact tones to his companion standing beside him under intense heat of an overhead sun.

“Yes, it’s a good thing the battle was over last year before it began... Say! That’s the Great Pyramid of Egypt.” An eerie sort of late afternoon mist or fog lifted away, permitting clearer view of the yonder. In reality, the sand particles were settling down after a strong bout of an afternoon breeze.

“I wonder how it all started. All the plausible and rational explanations do not hold good so far. Surely external factors were involved here when they constructed these pyramids.”

“The main pyramid is located approximately two hundred meters below sea level, and the exact location is around here somewhere. Our computer data readings conclusively point to this region amidst the sands. I wonder what we shall discover! 4500 B.C.? The major earthquake that occurred thereabouts and the resultant sand storms that raised the surface level of Egypt?”

Historians, archeologists and scholars were busy everywhere around them. The great battle “scheduled” for 2005 C.E. was a matter past and forgotten, buried in the shelves of time. Life continued as usual and the activities of mankind...

* * *

Space City Mars seemed abuzz as during the other days, and everything seemed neat and tidy. There were no unusual signs indicating disturbances or unknown activity

That was on the appearances front however.

Advanced space research labs personnel were moving from one substation to another in deft attempts to avoid unusual detection by other humans present within the massive domed space city — inclusive of several such cities — comprising one single Mars Space City.

Fast zero-gravity cars and vehicles zipped across wide, ten-foot high roads which made a crisscross pattern and connected every nook and corner of the city to the central research laboratories. The purple sunlight silhouetting an evening sundown late at half past midnight quietly crept away westwards until starry midnight effects brought in a yet natural view of the skies.

* * *

The actual time seemed to be approaching very quickly!

Earth Command, at the behest of the World Governor, was preparing an intricate and complex series of interplanetary maneuvers activating voice jambler code machines direct to Mars forward research laboratories. This simply implied that whilst World Governor spoke into special interplanetary microphones, his voice would be carried across the void between planets and their existing atmospheres. Finally his actual voice and tones were scheduled to be captured by computer radar telescopes at Mars stations.

There was simply one difference. Jambler code machines activated from Earth and other such machines placed at various strategic locations within their sixteen-planet solar system duly ensured several voice relay strategies. One such ploy ensured that even if these messages were intercepted and decoded by unauthorized personnel, a simple binary content of nonsensical human speech was likely to be the result. Such jambler code machines also assisted in transmission of messages across space, from one planet to another... and in between.

* * *

“I commend you upon your discovery and assure you that in letter and in context we are one with you. Though our physical presence with you is a nearly impossible factor, we nevertheless hope to hear from you via the jambler code machines! I am confident our latest version of interplanetary verbal message transmission shall maintain our links.”

Earth Command members and their hierarchy were totally silent as the World Governor spoke, addressing six members of an interplanetary pioneering team led by the professor. While realizing the message was primarily directed to the professor’s benefit, they paid rapt attention to his speech.

From Earth and via the moon and its primary satellite Moon Two and onwards to the Mars Forward space research laboratory, those jambler code machines constantly relayed every word the World Governor spoke. In an incoherent combination of ionosphere static, the verbal decibels were carried forward across the endless void and the remaining planets. Computer radar telescopes located at Mars stations finally captured those transmissions, duly converting every spoken word into intelligible human language of the mid forty-fifth century.

Next, other complex sound system speakers relayed the World Governor’s intended speech to the recipients present within Mars central; space city code named One, wherein more than a hundred interplanetary space personnel were busy electronically towing in an interplanetary antigravity rocket ship to lift off and docking areas within space city One.

“We still have in excess of 35 hours or simply speaking, one Earth day at hand!” The professor consoled his team from a vantage point one hundred meters above ground level. He waited for the balcony door to open behind them once, admitting a lady cosmonaut / lady waitress inside the wide and spacious open balcony. Obviously she had stepped in from the conference theatre hall.

“Ah yes, my dear. Pluto cucumber and tomato sandwiches with Mars butter spread. What a rare surprise.”

“Will that be all sir?” A dainty question- reply.

“Yes. Thank you.”

A minute later another tray followed containing fresh vegetable milk from the granary-fields of Venus, which was quickly downed in thirsty gulps.

“interplanetary space regulations demand we eat as little animal protein as we can. The ideal calorie content comes from vegetable stuff,” the professor commented.

Two minutes passed in total silence.

“Time travel, Professor?” The ardent listener asked

“I’m with you, though.” The third space companion.

“I, too, am prepared, nevertheless,” the fourth interplanetary space personnel added.

“Now, we must accept that which is proved and practically possible,” the fifth interplanetary scientist added in more as a suggestion.

The professor looked around the huge, towering chamber once before glancing down to appreciate their latest interplanetary zero-gravity rocket ship now parked at the center of launch area. It was being accorded a final rundown by Earth-based Mars space personnel, people who constantly traveled between Earth and Mars as their duties demanded. They thus acclimatized themselves to the variant atmospheric effects of both planets for more efficiency and productivity. They also handled all charted space flights beyond Mars stations.

“My scientific mathematical calculations are proved correct and I anticipate an oncoming gap in time continuum scheduled to reoccur between 35 hours and 55 hours immediately after takeoff zero time.” The professor’s voice was cool and unperturbed.

“Reoccur!?” The sixth interplanetary scientist’s voice echoed an unusual hoarseness.

“Yes. My readings gleaned from manual and computerized analytical data reveal that such instances occurred upon earth several hundreds of times over including earlier times of our unrecorded history. I have identified one such time zone...”

They had joined him as he spoke, increasingly cautious as they stepped forward even though a dozen feet remained to the edge of that open balcony.

“It is approximately 3500 B.C. of recorded Earth time,” the professor finally ended.

“Let me see; that must have been an era of earth time when the Egyptians dominated central portions and civilizations of the earth both culturally and scientifically.” The sixth person amidst the team, an interplanetary historian, spoke quickly.

“Wow! Seven thousand five hundred years into the past!” the ardent listener exclaimed.

“There have been very many other Time continuum gaps. My theories on time travel have been proved correct. You are aware of that my dears.” He looked around to catch their dazed expressions as they listened.

“Egypt, sirs!” The third interplanetary companion seemed visibly excited. “That was an era when our ancestors designed massive stone blocks diametrically similar in shape and weight. These ultimately formed the Pyramids of Egypt. The storehouses of advanced technological information and of wealth. But that era of building pyramids traversed many centuries. Why, even the ancient kings and queens of Egypt were mummified therein, you know... After the death of a king or queen, their bodies were neatly wrapped in satin and silk treated bandage-clothes and then preserved in totality to be discovered many hundreds of centuries later by human descendants of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Ahem, our past time zones.”

The fourth interplanetary companion added. “It was also rumored that hundreds of slaves...” His voice trailed off to a whisper.

“Er, that shall be enough my dears!” the professor interjected, interrupting their deliberations. “That is off course from our usual topic. Every king was witness to thousands of slaves and additionally, hundreds of personal slaves during those eras.”

“Do allow him to complete the sentence, professor!” The sixth interplanetary companion urged.

“Yes sir, please. We would dearly like to know what happened to those slaves,” the interplanetary historian said.

“Very well, then.” The professor finally conceded. “You see, Egyptian kings, queens, princes and princesses when mummified a few days or weeks after death by court physicians and medicine men in 3500 B.C. were treated with highly advanced medico-scientific methods and with application of conventional medicines then relevant. There are rumors, mind you, simply hearsay, that those advanced medico-scientific methods do not reveal themselves to our present day, the mid-forty-fifth century of Earth time. With all our progress in technological spheres, our computer codes do not simplify 3500 C.E. technology in clear terms. However, to the present topic, now.” He paused for a moment.

“...And therefore, these slaves were locked in behind massive stone doors and inside such Pyramids. They were not mummified either. Therefore, after death, Egyptian kings and Queens were mummified and their dead bodies placed in caskets or coffins with the wealth of the lands. Oh, you know, gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, jewellery and the entire lot, and with it is only rumored here their personal slaves. These were people who deemed it fit to die with their rulers in order to visit the nether-lands of the dead. Unnecessary to state here that these slaves finally died due to starvation and thirst. As I said, this is all hearsay and not much relevance may be accorded to such indecencies in our present-day lives of the forty-fifth century, Earth time.”

“So that’s what it was all about, eh? However, I now request that the professor continue,” the fourth interplanetary scientist ended.

* * *

Conditioned atmosphere within Mars central space city remained cordial and the silence within continued in excess of half an hour of Earth time after culmination of the speech by the World Governor. After what seemed an eternity, the interplanetary historian said, “Er... Professor sir, you were explaining the meaning of a time continuum gap theory!”

“Yes! As I was saying, such a gap in time continuum actually indicated a pathway. A connecting link between time and space and restricted to between two or three worlds only at the maximum. Here I mean worlds existing within our universe, perhaps many solar systems apart. However, the Time Factor donated by our humanly derived concept of practical time, oh you know... the ticking of an average time clock counting each second as time progresses is not necessarily equi-rational in two or three different worlds existing in the same time dimension.

“Now, a time continuum brings into vogue a more or less similar time zone existing between two or three different worlds within the same dimension; and it is then that hitherto eerie things begin to happen, sort of.

“For example, take into account a realistic occurrence and you may be able to figure it out like this. During countless time progressions signifying the passage of time since it all began with the dawn of commencement, stellar forces have been at work continuously creating the Almighty’s wonders. Our Three Dimensional world and its relativity to time here signifies the passage of time or the progression of time over seconds, minutes and hours is a totally different concept in practicality. This is in comparison to other Dimensional Worlds, for we in the Third Dimension are restricted by time and our actions are also by the Fourth Dimension barrier, Time.

“Again, there exist other worlds populated by people of higher intelligence than we; humans of Earth origin and such aliens or extraterrestrials utilize the gradings of Time. Their technological advances have resulted in successful interaction with time progressions, wherein these humans of other worldly origins are almost capable of reaching the borders of the fourth dimension. Such very many and innumerable worlds are placed in parallel, existing within similar dimensions to our own Earth and the solar system. However, distances between such worlds may be millions of light years apart. Perhaps billions of light years!”

They waited with patience as the professor took a quick look down to the deserted launch pad. It was lunch break for the interplanetary scientists and cosmonauts handling the rocket-ship.

“...By the term parallel, I would be referring to a three-dimensional conceptual world, and while almost all such worlds have successfully surpassed our Earth levels of technological advances, there are certain worlds which, however, lag behind these worlds, and their populations have yet to catch up with our advanced levels of scientific achievements.

“In this latter case it is we, Earth humans settled upon Earth, Mars, Pluto Jupiter and the other habitable planets within our sixteen-planet solar system, who are faced with the alternative; a decision to make contact with them applying our comparatively advanced methods of space travel!

“That is for another time and place, however. For now, I would like to continue our present preoccupation justifying our presence upon Mars space city.”

A few more feet remained to the edge of that open balcony when the professor halted, waiting for the rest to gather around him. He ensured they were huddled close around him on the balcony ledge a hundred meters above Mars’ ground level, before commencing.

Proceed to the conclusion...

Copyright © 2005 by Deep Bora

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