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Thomas D. Reynolds

Bewildering Stories started as a place for “young” writers of any age, those just starting out. As we’ve grown, we’ve attracted more and more experienced and successful authors. Tom Reynolds is one of them. He has a Master’s degree in creative writing, and he has made excellent use of it, with a poem nominated for the Rhysling Award.

In the spirit of this issue’s Discussion, many of our contributors may want to copy the list of magazines and journals in which Tom has published. Maybe that would be a beginning to the kind of “cross pollination” Tomi Shaw refers to.

Tom says he doesn’t write much science fiction. That is no obstacle to Bewildering Stories : we take what’s good in any genre, whenever we can. But “Our Eyes Are What Makes Us Human,” in this issue, is — practically has to be — a science fiction poem. The story that the poem alludes to is set in an apocalypse of global warming, where people have to wear masks. And when everyone is masked, then what distinguishes us as real people?

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Tom! We hope to hear from you again soon and often.

Tom Reynold’s biographical sketch can be accessed here.

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