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What’s in Issue 145

Novels ‘Carla gets Nallier back under her control, and after a debriefing rather different from the one he’d planned, he meekly takes his new orders. But now it’s Toni’s turn to be angry with his travel-mate’s behaviour. Quo resolves that without ceremony... and once J-C has supplied all the data they need, it’s time to hit London’: Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One: Singing of promises... chapter 22: Paris, France, part 4.

After the Bridge departs, Earth is depopulated by war and pandemic. Jonkil is replaced by a new Galactic Council representative who waits to write humanity’s epitaph: euhal allen, The Bridge, II: Prologue; chapter 1: A New et Sharma, part 1.
Novella Tamar hears the chant of her people’s wisdom lore but sings her own songs. She and Re’ut are fascinated by the newly-arrived desert nomads: Tala Bar, Sacrifice, chapter 2: Strangers, part 1; part 2.
Serial Technology takes both aliens and humanity to new realms, but a faction violently opposes progress. What can be done for those who have been left behind through no fault or choice of their own? Jörn Grote, Left Behind, part 2; conclusion.
Twixie’s new diet is tasty but has bad aftereffects. It’s nothing that a dose of hospitality wouldn’t cure: C. Meton, The Sick Kitty.

New contributor Michael G. Naber perches a crow on a windowsill. Quoth the raven, “Excuse me.” The bird of ill omen is polite but persistent. It will not make Mr. Sheffield’s Day.

New contributor Beth Wodzinski shows how second sight can come in very handy. When it’s mediated by citrus fruit, you have to expect that some days you’ll get only lemons: The Lemon Handlers.
Poetry A barroom brawl for the ages — literally: Thomas D. Reynolds, The Back Alley.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Michael G. Naber and Beth Wodzinski.
Challenge Challenge 145 has some questions about several stories in this issue: Talking with Strangers.
Letters Kevin Ahearn reveals The real “hoax” on science fiction.
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Adam Fawer’s Improbable.
Danielle L. Parker reviews Stephen Marlowe’s The Lighthouse at the End of the World.
Editorial Jerry Wright issues a call for Art.

In Times to Come

Issue 146

Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One
   chapter 23 “All the World’s a Stooge”
   chapter 24 “London, England” parts 1 and 2
euhal allen, The Bridge, II: chapter 1 “A New et Sharma” parts 2 and 3
Novella: Tala Bar, Sacrifice, chapter 2 “The Covenant”
Short stories:
Eric S. Brown, “In the Woods”
Joel Gn, “Fossil”
Jörn Grote, “Imagine Live Imagine”
new contributor K. A. Masters, “Hunter’s Tale”
Poetry: Thomas D. Reynolds, “After Leaving the Planet Exegis”
Essay: G. David Schwartz, “Masquerade”

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