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What’s in Issue 149

Novels ‘The Mater draws its depressing conclusions about human integrity, then plans its next moves. Toni gets his Doman award, and is then abruptly brought back to reality, with the dramatic Earth events of 9 April 2003. It’s Toni’s turn to be empowered and to smile upon the great and the good. Then, after a pointed lesson from Quo, he can at last be released from his thrall’: Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One: Singing of promises...
   chapter 27: Handler’s Studio, Mater
   chapter 28: Changing Landscapes
   chapter 29: Madrid, Spain.

Me’Avi et Sharma is trying to close the books on planet Earth. Realizing that her staff is not being entirely forthcoming, she decides to take a surprise inspection tour. Meanwhile, auditors discover that the books on projects under Katia’s jurisdiction either don’t add up or add up all too well: euhal allen, The Bridge, II chapter 4: Funny Numbers, part 1; part 2; part 3.
Novella Aboard the Rising Star, Tamara and Jeremy touch base with liaison and confer with Dr. Cyndi Geller about detecting pirated nanotechnology: Michael J A Tyzuk, Tangled Threads, Tangled Strings, part 3; part 4.
Serial A combination of sordid and grisly circumstances forces Rhiannon to choose between vengeance and justice: Rachel Parsons, I Get My Caresses from the Blood of My Victims, part 3; conclusion.
The size of the thigh is politically correct only in the eye of the beholder: Kevin Ahearn, Thigh of the Beholder.

A time-traveling private detective can solve cases before they even occur. However, time travel involves trade-offs; some are good, some aren’t: D. A. Madigan, No Time Like the Present.

To be politically correct as the galaxy defines it, you have to be very careful about what — or whom — you eat: David Marshall, The Vegans are Coming!
Yesterday... his dreams now seem so far away. But who knows, they may come back again: Roberto Sanhueza, Yesterday.
Poetry New contributor Kelvin Bueckert, ‘verbalizing plights never ending straightly’: Soul Savored.
Essay Remembrances of a conflicted family: Prakash Kona, Nameless in a Faceless City, part 2.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Kelvin Bueckert.
Challenge Challenge 149 answers a question with a question: How Hot is the Oven? How High is the Sky?
Letters Prakash Kona writes about Pearls from an Unstrung Necklace.
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews John C. Wright’s The Golden Age.
Jerry Wright reviews Lawrence Watt Evans’ The Spriggan Mirror.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Failure of Imagination

In Times to Come

Issue 148 quiz: The “mayor of the 20th century” was Jack the Ripper, according to Richard Brautigan in Trout Fishing in America.

In issue 150

Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One
   chapter 30: “Communication II”
   chapter 31: “Captain’s Office, Mater”
   chapter 32: “Off the Road Again” (conclusion)
euhal allen, The Bridge, II chapter 5 “Hearts Defined”
Novella : Michael J A Tyzuk, “Tangled Threads, Tangled Strings” parts 5-6
Short stories
Kevin Ahearn, “Under God, Indivisible”
New contributor Jeff Lyons, “Inventors’ Fair”
D. A. Madigan, “The Pursuit of Happiness”
New contributor Brian Wright, “No More Heroes”
Poetry : Kelvin Bueckert, “Evil Grey”
Essay : Prakash Kona, “Nameless in a Faceless City” part 3

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