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Bewildering Stories News: Thanks to Michael E. Lloyd, author of Observation One, we now have a complete index of authors and titles from issues 1 to 150. The link has been added to our home page and to the menu bar on all our other pages. The index is not only useful, it represents a monumental effort that took a lot of skill as well as patience. We could not have done it ourselves. On behalf of the editors, authors and readers of Bewildering Stories, Thank you, Mike Lloyd !

Novel The Galactics fulfill their threat to isolate the Solar System within the force globe. Meanwhile, refugees from Earth struggle to make Starhell livable, and a new and mysterious galactic race enters the scene — only it was really the first to come to Earth: euhal allen, The Bridge, II, chapter 6: Troubled Times, part 1; part 2; part 3.
Novellas Jeremy and Tamara chase the biotech puppetmaster Phillip to his lair and confront him in hand-to-hand combat: Michael J A Tyzuk, Tangled Threads, Tangled Strings, part 7; part 8.

Princess Rhiannon receives a mysterious letter from her sister, Queen Gwennan, summoning her to come alone to Caer Dythal. At stake is not only Rhiannon’s dignity but her sanity, as well: Rachel Parsons, I Still Wake From Nightmares, part 1.
When the long-lived people of the future finally reach the end of their lives, many choose time travel to spend their last hour in dying for a cause they believe in. And sometimes two can die for the same cause, though perhaps not quite at the same time: Kevin Ahearn, Die and Let Live.

On a distant planet set about with ferocious jungle beasts, two servants on a colonial plantation, Charlie and Siddris, attempt a perilous escape for a surprising purpose: Robert Allen, The Hunt, part 1; conclusion.

What is the worst thing out of Pandora’s Box that space aliens could inflict on a nascent humanity? D. A. Madigan, Mania.
Two space-alien culture doctors have some good news and some bad news for Earthlings. But which news is which? Karlos D. Allen, A Visit to the Clinic.
Poetry You’d like to take the fairies up on their offer of eternal youth? Not so fast there; think carefully first: Thomas R., Eternal Youth.
Essays ‘Bombay is a piece of fiction made of glass. Stones cannot break it because glass is invisible. Death makes me aware of the unreality of my bones’: Prakash Kona, Nameless in a Faceless City, part 4.

A luxuriant garden shows the work of a “vague hand”: G. David Schwartz, The Hand in the Garden.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes veteran contributor Kevin Ahearn.
Challenge Challenges 151 offers some choice questions. Pick Any Five.
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Amanda Hemingway’s The Greenstone Grail.
Editorial xxx

In Times to Come

In issue 152

Novel: euhal allen, The Bridge, III chapter 1 “Great Confusion”
Michael J A Tyzuk, “Tangled Threads, Tangled Strings” parts 9-10
Rachel Parsons, “I Still Wake From Nightmares” part 2
Serial: new contributor Gracie Motley, “The Back Yard” part 1
Short stories:
new contributor Kaolin Fire, “Testing, Testing”
new contributor Patrick K. Morgan, “Orange Julius”
new contributor Graciela Tillard, “The Hands”
Poetry: new contributor Mark Bonica,
   “Looking for the Old Woman Who Plays Rummy”
Essay: Prakash Kona, “Nameless in a Faceless City” part 5

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