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Novel Maestro Kalvin, the Galactic patrols and the Galactic Chronicler all make startling discoveries. The Qwell-Na call an emergency conclave, and the Starhell leaders plan for flight: euhal allen, The Bridge, III, chapter 5: Tricks of the Trade, part 1; part 2; part 3.
Novella Rhiannon’s last nightmare turns out to be real, and her sister, Queen Gwennan, is living in one that is literally mind-breaking: Rachel Parsons, I Still Wake From My Nightmares, part 7; conclusion.
Serial New contributor Lawrence R. Dagstine describes Orion T. Jacobs’ virtual mission to the protean planet Lebros, where his memory is mined for something he doesn’t recall having seen there: Orion’s Dendrites, part 1; part 2.
Secret agents Charlie Littlebear and Sidris undertake another mission for the Martio-Jovian Philatelic Society. It involves deploying a strangely named submarine: Robert Allen, Jenny by the Sea.

New contributor Joel Assaizky shows what might happen when one takes the name of You Know Who in vain. And for... Heaven’s... sake, don’t computerize it! The Virus.

D. A. Madigan has a sequel to “Halo” (in issue 155). Life with the guardian angels is very strange and yet strangely familiar, especially to the one who made first contact with the angels: Primogeniture.

New contributor David Mitenko depicts the life of a college student. Michael has friends and family to hang out with and important exams to take, but when he’s drafted into a vampire coven, his night life really takes a turn for the spectacular: The Truth About Bats, part 1; conclusion.
Poetry Viacheslav Iatsko tries his hand at a kind of blues rap: Striped Life.
Essays ‘While all other truths are interchangeable the sufferings of the oppressed are not. They make an absolute statement and the response to the statement is revolution’: Prakash Kona, A Dreamer of the Other World, part 3.

Steven Utley fondly recalls a monster film from 1958: Alien Inamorato.
Discussion Rajnar Vajra and Jerry Wright discuss Rajnar’s “Opening Wonders”.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Joel Assaizky, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Francisco Ruiz Fernández, and David Mitenko.
The Critics’
Don Webb discusses the science of Lebros and the prosody of “Striped Life”: A High Wind in a Vacuum.
Challenge Challenge 156 asks about two names, among other things: Greymulkin and a Submarine.
Letters Tala Bar warns against using Pay Pal Outside the U.S.
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal.

In Times to Come

In issue 157

Novel: euhal allen, The Bridge, III chapter 6 “Twisting the Obvious”
Larwrence R. Dagstine, “Orion’s Dendrites” part 3, conclusion
Catfish Russ, “Klepto” part 1
Short stories:
New contributor Chris Bartholomew, “Groomed”
New contributor David Burnham, “Meltdown”
D. A. Madigan, “Talkin’ ’Bout My Girl”
New contributor Máire O’Reilly, “Wielding the Pen”
Flash fiction: Tala Bar, “Minos’ Unmasquerade”
Poetry: Aryan Kaganof, “The Letter”
Prakash Kona, “A Dreamer of the Other World” conclusion
Tala Bar, “Beauty and the Beast”
Reviews: Danielle L. Parker, Tim Waggoner’s Necropolis

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