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Máire O’Reilly

Máire O'Reilly describes herself as “a Dubliner by birth but a European by inclination.” Now living in Belgium, she’s written a lot in the fields of corporate training and foreign languages. And she’s experienced in business management, having founded her own company analyzing European press policies.

More recently, though, she has specialized in writing fiction: a novel and more short-story genres than she can count. Máire is especially proud of her first fantasy story, “Tasks at Bealtaine,” which won a prize at the CONduit XIII International Competition.

“Wielding the Pen” is Máire O’Reilly’s first story for us. If there is anything autobiographical in it, my guess is that it would be a moral like: Don’t distract Máire when she’s busy writing!

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Máire! We hope to hear from you again soon and often.

Máire O’Reilly’s biographical sketch can be found here.

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