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The Letter

by Aryan Kaganof

Here’s a letter from a man
Who loves the Word
In a world where only images matter

Today three angels tapped me on my two shoulders
Told me I had beautiful handwriting
Told me to only write words of wisdom
Then they flew back into the Cresta Mall
Three of them had lots of shopping to do
I strolled down to Exclusive Books
Paged through Volume 1 of New Poems
By Henry Chinaski
He said that if I want to get rich and famous
Or score lots of chicks
Then I shouldn’t bother writing
I take exception to that
See I’ve done an awful lot of writing
And it’s all been for free
This was my worship to Thoth and Hermes
But I live in the material world
Where another god rules
His name is Mammon
He’s not jealous
He thrives by the virtue of cash transactions
Now Dennis Brown sang
“Money in my pocket but I just can’t get no love”
That’s not my problem
See I’ve got so much love to give
That it simply pours out of me
But unfortunately not a lot of beans.

Copyright © 2005 by Aryan Kaganof

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