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What’s in Issue 161

Bewildering Stories News: “Fore! sight”

Novels Phydo, Thomm, Kitti and Adam gain a new friend as they struggle in their own small way to thwart Lucius’ titanic insect army: Roberto Sanhueza, Katts and Dawgs, chapter 11: Rise and Fall, part 1; conclusion.

An old saying: “The boss is there for when things go wrong.” And the Galactic Council very much needs the “boss” to step in immediately if not sooner: euhal allen, The Bridge, IV ; chapter 4: Surprise, Surprise, part 1; part 2; part 3.
Serials How can Ellena endure looking like one of Earth’s enemies? The solution is entirely logical: if she can’t change her appearance... Sandra Miller, The Enemy in the Mirror, part 3; conclusion.

New contributor Slawomir Rapala sets a caravan of peaceful merchants out across perilous No Man’s Desert. The General, a fellow traveler and old warrior, may be able to protect them from raiders, but he is sick of battle: Through the Sands of Southern Deserts, part 1; part 2.
New contributor Jeremy Adams portrays young Anton on an intellectual quest. At the end Anton says, “I’m lost”; but wasn’t he lost long before? The Is and The Ought, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor Robert M. Blevins depicts a spaceship’s enseign, Harris, a surly, irresponsible adolescent who would love to be rid of his strict, well-organized chief. Harris will get his wish and, one hopes, learn the ultimate lesson in responsibility: Whisper in the Void, part 1; conclusion.

The Charlemonte mansion is not only accursed and haunted, its owner has turned it into a house of horror. And that attracts even bloodthirstier and more powerful beings: Robert L. Sellers Jr, Widow Maker, part 1; conclusion.
Would you like to go back in time and recapture the inspiration that set you on the road to fame and fortune? Not so fast there: you may meet a bedraggled Alice coming back through the Looking Glass: Mary King, From Time to Time: Dara’s Story.

New contributor Isabelle Reid introduces us to Bethy Parks, a chatty lady who’s a friend to all, people and ghosts alike: Ghostly Gossip.
Poetry At times, the elderly can see kobolds coming in the door: Thomas D. Reynolds, The Brush Draggers.
Essay D. A. Madigan examines the role of violence in today’s entertainment industry: The Fundamental Immorality of The Matrix, part 1; conclusion.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Jeremy Adams, Robert M. Blevins, Slawomir Rapala and Isabelle Reid.
Challenge Challenge 161 looks at A Theme in a Kaleidoscope.
Letters Mary King writes about Pleasant Surprises in Bewildering Stories.
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Jeffrey Ford’s The Fantasy Writer's Assistant
Editorials Jerry Wright, Time and Time
Don Webb, Where the Action Is

In Times to Come

News brief: Our Links page has added Science Fiction Fantasy Horror and Whispering Spirits.

In issue 162

Novel: euhal allen, The Bridge IV chapter 5 “The Great Tragedy”
Serial: Slawomir Rapala, “Through the Sands of Southern Deserts” conclusion
Short stories:
New contributor J. Alan Brown, “Followed by Fire”
New contributor Harry Lang, “Wham Bam!”
New contributor Mary B. McArdle, “Peevish Pendulum”
New contributor Sally Quilford, “Hunger”
Robert L. Sellers Jr, “Witchy Woman”
Flash fiction:
New contributor William Greeley, “The Prophet”
New contributor Tamara Sheehan, “Valeo Valete”
Poetry: Mary King, “Springtime in Siberia”
Kevin Ahearn, “Scientists as Screenwriters”
New contributor L. Roger Quilter, “A King’s Throne”

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