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Harry Lang

Harry is an electrical designer in the aerospace industry. However, he is an artist and has a BFA in painting. Harry says he’s been writing and sending out short stories for 25 years and that “Wham Bam,” in this issue, is his first acceptance.

“Wham Bam” has a frivolous-sounding title, but the story itself is ambiguous. It obviously has a current cultural reference: the abortion controversy. However, questions arise, for example: Are the terrorists bombing abortion clinics or their opposite? Does the story imply that the terrorists are practicing the worst form of eugenics in the worst possible way?

Harry, if you have any digital graphics files of your art work, we would love to see them. We may be able to include some as illustrations in stories, with due credit to you, of course.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Harry. We want you to select the best of the stories you’ve written over the past quarter century and send them to us.

Harry Lang’s bio sketch can be found here.

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