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L. Roger Quilter

Roger has taken the name “QBall” for on-line use, and it fits his predeliction for humor and “stories with a twist.” Roger’s first contribution was the “shaggy dog” essay “A King’s Throne,” which appeared in issue 162. The ending to “The Happening,” in this issue, may be more predictable, but the description of the hapless husband and father is definitely worth it.

“QBall” now holds the unofficial record as the oldest contributor to Bewildering Stories, displacing Ye Ancient Copy Editor himself. Old joke: at one time, Roger was ten times older than I; now he’s less than eight-sevenths my age. How long till we’re the same age? Let’s stick around and find out.

Roger is a veteran of the London Blitz and of many years in the Canadian Navy, not to mention marriage. QBall, I think you deserve a whole handful of medals of various sorts. Welcome to Bewildering Stories. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

Roger “QBall” Quilter’s bio sketch can be found here.

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