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Leighton Connor

It was a dark and story night. Leighton and his wife Alice rowed mightily northward across the Ohio river, propelled by pelting rain and lightning bolts. Dragging the boat ashore near what used to be Riverfront (or, in times of flood, Riverbottom) Stadium, Leighton heaved a sigh of relief: “Whew. At last we won’t have those cats to kick us around any more.”

It was a bright and sunny day in Cincinnati. Leighton and Alice were spading up an area of the front lawn for a flower bed, with occasional blasts of dynamite to loosen the hardpan. A neighbor wandered over and observed amiably, “No cats around here.” “Yes,” the Leightons chorused, “we’ve noticed that.”

All right, Leighton, you now officially hold the record for the shortest bio sketch in Bewildering Stories, and look what it gets you: a truly Bewildering Story all its own.

But seriously, thank you for sending us “The Rosamund Trap.” We’d like to have more Ross Fulton adventures. In a way, they complement stories by Robert L. Sellers, Jr. and D. A. Madigan. We hope to hear from you again soon and often.

Leighton Connor’s bio sketch can be found here.

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